Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silnylon Fabric Starter Kit and Pack Cover

This selection of sewing hardware includes:
5 yards of cord elastic
3 yards of flat elastic
10 cord locks
12 mitten hooks (the black ones)
5 metal clips
1 Caribiner
2 sliding web clips
1/2 yard each (18 inches wide by 60 inches long) black, blue, gray and green first quality silnylon
1 yard no see-um-netting

With this assortment, you can make ditty bags, dunk sacks for cookware, water sacks, silsocks and more. If you need larger pieces of fabric, e-mail me. This set is $20.

This ultralight pack cover has a self stuffing ditty bag, and weighs only 2 1/4 ounces total. An elastic drawcord and wind strap are special features I always used. This should cover a pack with dimensions up to 18 wide by 24 long, with good wrap around sides and back. The elastic drawcord makes it easy on, easy off with adjustable sizing to smaller packs as well.

This packcover is designed for daypacks, and ultralighters. It is brand new, never used.
Price includes shipping , $13.

See sales page
 for e-mail and to purchase.

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