Hobo Series Page

I have a Hobo Series going at

I'm going to embed them on this page for your convenience. The Hobo theme is all about making stuff from recyclables, things like stoves, cook sets, wild foods, outdoor gear.
I hope you enjoy and take from them whatever you can use, either making the projects shown, or incorporating the skills into new projects.

Using packaging material from the Man Camp construction site. These projects help the hobo carry water, make cordage and shelter.

This is a storage container redecorated by the hobo.

My latest film involves creating a double filtering system for water run off. I use bleach to finish the purification process. Allow bleach to work its cleansing magic for at least half an hour before drinking. One to two drops per quart is sufficient for reasonable clear water.

Make a hobo survival lamp. Easy, cheap, effective.

The Cookset is made with an onion sack ditty bag, tin can, and plastic cup. Everything nests together.

This video is 12 minutes long, but it shows from start to finish how to revamp an external frame. This concept has been tested on my Pacific Crest Trail hike, which you can read about at http://trailquest.net/BRindex.html

The Ultralight Backpacking Hobo Stove is my most popular video at youtube so far. Make and use this system with simple tools in an hour.

This simple soda can stove requires one soda can and a jackknife. You can make it on the trail even.

All those plastic bags that seem to accumulate can be turned into useful cordage. An easy project which I tried and tested with excelllent results.

Make your own fuel sticks. I used an ice cube tray in my second project, and loved them. See photo on November 21, 2010 blog post.