Thursday, May 16, 2013

Video on Gear Choices

Video of my gear preparations for the CDT hike coming up. I head out June 1st so getting everything packed is critical at this point. I'll be training on my days off here at man camp and adding more posts about this as I go.

This is a section hike, not a thru hike. I've hiked from Canada to south of Helena Montana. Also, I hiked 300 miles of the CDT which run concurrent with the Colorado Trail.
My good friend Flo Bradley will be joining me in July to hike a good portion heading north from Steamboat Springs to Encampment (Battle Pass). Stay tuned for more details of our journey.

Due to safety concerns, we won't post exact locations until after the fact.


  1. Great gear review Brawny! Excellent idea to sew second set of mesh pockets to fit more water. I weighted my bag with 4 liters of water and all my gear and it was 28 pounds. No food or cannister included in this. Your pad looks comfortable!

  2. I am going to use 2 platapus big zip bags on my outside pockets. They hold 70 oz of water and will be easier to refill on the outside. I can use bleach or sawyer filter for treatment. I burn easy so will take a sunhat and long sleeve shirt for hiking. Thanks for posting this list. I will try not to overpack! How much did your pack weigh?

  3. My pack weighs 14.5 pounds. I forgot to show my rainjacket, which is included in the weight, plus the bear spray. I do wear a sun hat in the desert. Some people also include bug nets for the head, but they make me sweat!

    see you soon.

  4. I have bug net too, may use it as an extra bag until needed. Cant bring bear spray on the airlines. If we have time I would like pick up a cannister for the trip.