Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello From the Mountains

Living and working at Mount Rainier is proving interesting. Wifi and connectivity is at a premium, but the people are as fun as always.

Cooking for an EDR leaves me longing for my outdoor job Ridgerunning, but life goes on. I'm loving my motor home at Longmire campground. Mice are scratching around, but so far so good. No one's moved in or given birth.

Check out my femalesurvivalist.BlogSpot.com for more info. Transportation to and from work takes up nearly all my time. I will try to do better.

Yesterday I climbed Eagle Peak. A marvelous round trip of 7.2 mile, up 3,000 feet to a 360 degree view. Being technically, that is to say, camera challenged, my footage was sparse and disappointing. I'll try to do better, next time.

Stay tuned. Its wet. I go everywhere with my umbrella and a poncho.