Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Books of Lasting Value

There are two books which have made a huge impact in my life. The first one I read while a young woman, raising kids. Clutter's Last Stand asks the question, Is there Life after housework? His whole premise is to keep a streamlined existence. Get rid of knickknacks, souvenirs that  take up valuable space, or gifts you've never used. Free up the closet space holding out dated clothes and rags you'd never be caught dead in.
Makes sense. Real-estate is expensive.
The other book is The Gift of Fear. Gavin de Becker talks about women trusting their instincts and never letting a guy talk them out of their convictions. He says fear can be a good thing, actually and alert you to under the radar danger.

With that in mind, I'm working on my writing. The best thing a writer can hope for is impact. So, True Cost, my next book, I hope will fill some gaps in the way we count the price paid for a long distance hike. Not only financially, but physically and emotionally, the true cost can be surprising.
If we can make a positive impact in someone's life, then our lives are enriched.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Power Miser

Having bought and installed twelve LED mini lights, in place of the incandescent bulbs that are the default on many RVs, I felt good about my upcoming self-grid experience.
And now that I've been here a week, I'm taking stock.
I can't really say I'm off the grid. I need power for my laptop, my phone, the water pump, and my propane frig. The motherboard, imagine that, is all important to deliver the spark that lights the flame that cools the thing down.
Two LED lights bit the dust. Thankfully, they were from Walmart, obviously defective after only a few days' testing.
I have candles. What a romantic ambiance that brings as I listen to Phil Collins on my phone, long after sunset.
I use the library and my car's 12 volt port when ever I drive the car.
I also walk, for exercise and give my little car days off.

But, I freely admit. I need power. As a long distance backpacker used to living off grid, I can deal, probably better than most. Its challenging and I horde my house battery's power like Scrooge hordes smiles before Christmas.
Here in Quartzsite, I'm not the only one living on the cheap. I see others walking, biking, living in tents or tiny trailers. Plus, I'm getting used to the heat, loving the sunshine, enjoying the cactus views.
While I'm also careful with my water, I'm frugal about power. Even the electric steps are shut off. I use a step stool instead.
Power. Its all about the power. Soon, I'm going to turn on the generator and let it run while I watch a movie on my flat screen. I promise. Its good for the generator and I'm Positive its good for me.
A splurge is coming on.
I can feel it building.
Which movie among my great collection will win the night's honor?
As they say in Mexico, Quien Sabe?