Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GX-The Guard Experience

My youngest son was in the National Guard, and then spent a year in Iraq. The magazine called GX-The Guard Experience has just arrived, and its very interesting.

Some of the articles in this May-June 2012 issue include: How to build a shelter, a survival expert's step by step guide, The Threat at Home, who and what are the biggest dangers to homeland security?  Inner Strength, it's all about your attitude, and the one I'll talk about today: 9 Reasons to Stay Hydrated.

The online magazine is found at

According to two new studies at the University of Connecticut, even slight dehydration can really impact a person's mood, energy and mental performance. They site a figure of just 1.5 loss of the body's normal water level. How one would figure that out mathmatically I don't even know, for me that means when in doubt, drink a glass of water.

Drinking water helps you keep a healthy weight by improving your metabolism.

Another study found losing 2 % body weight due to sweat can decrease performance up to 20%.

Staying hydrated helps prevent things like migraines, kidney stones and hypertension.
It keeps skin healthy and younger looking by flushing out impurities and restoring moisture.

Most men need 13 cups of water, most women 9, according to the Institute of Medicine. This makes sense to me, rather than just saying 8 cups for adults. Pregnant women need more, like 10 cups, and breast feeding women need about 13.

Sometimes hydration means including sports drinks with electrolytes, especially for those doing intense exercise of over an hour's duration. Here in the dry western United States, a body really can't go wrong drinking cold water all day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A New Chapter?

Someone suggested I'm entering a New Chapter in my life. I don't know. There are definitely different chapters. Not sure I'm done with the last one.

We're born and Mom has to take care of us. That first chapter in our lives is so dependent on how competent our care givers are. Experts say most of our personality is formed in those first three years, and yet, at most we only remember a few key points. Most of my memories from that point in time I'd rather forget.

The second chapter would be school, grade school and high school. The whole school thing can be a nightmare for some, bullies, bad teachers, bad grades. It could be great, affirmation, stimulation, growth. My memories are mostly good, and I made it through alright.

Then, the third chapter, I got married, raised a family, went to church. That chapter ended and I moved on.

Chapter four was all about the trails and freedom. Lots of freedom. Seasonal jobs working in cool places.

Is it time for Chapter five? Settling down? Getting a full time real job? Its almost scary. Is the universe trying to tell me something, after going through this last surgery?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recouperation and the Family Dog

Back on track, I've set a "walking" route for myself, to be performed thrice daily, probably adding up to around 4 miles. I wished it could be more rugged, but two weeks post op, I guess it will have to do. Time flys when you're busy, sits still when when you're bored.

I walk past this chicken yard. My grandparents had chickens. I should say my grandma. Grandpa hated them, unless they were under the ax or on top the table, deep fried in an 8 piece. He also believed corn was for animals and would never eat corn on the cob. He doubted they ever really made it to the moon. God rest his soul, I loved Grandpa.

The family dog, Cheyenne, walks with me. She is calm and older, listens to my musings, giving my running commentary legitimacy. Who talks to themselves? No one, but, talk to the family dog, you're fine.

I'm also hunting for local real estate, finding the market maybe has finally bottomed out and folks are buying homes again. That sounds good for the economy, those that have lost value in their existing homes. Now that people can and are buying, values should rise.

Should. Nothing is the same anymore.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Housing Styles Change

Last night my daughter and I looked at a home for sale by owner.

It was built in 1920, in the historic district of Star, Idaho.

Built on the corner, the owner had tons of flowers, a fenced yard, and nice driveway. Huge trees crowded the property next door, also for sale, but by a realtor. The trees made me nervous. What if a storm came through and decided to wreak havoc. The roof would be a goner, both that property and maybe the neighbors.

It was the inside of the house that killed me. So many tiny rooms, halls and corridors, and if that wasn't claustrophobic enough, she had the place packed with stuff. Just stuff, miniature trees, real trees and plants. Wood stove, furniture, tables. It was like I was a mouse in the maze and her two cats the ones living there. Sure smelled like it anyways.

I can't abide tiny enclosed places like that. A shot gun kitchen, the Master Bedroom had no bathroom. Bathrooms were dark and creepy.

I find out, give me the open floor plan of the new generation, the new century, the open air and huge windows.

Her garden and yard was the same, winding paths, all crowed with various flower beds and trees. It was very artistic, I must say, with benches and stuff. Just stuff.

The housing market has probably bottomed out. I'm looking around now, hoping to know it when I see it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Bouquets and Lost Flowers

If you ever want to send someone flowers, google for a local florist shop nearby the place your lucky recipient is staying. My family learned alot about this process these last few weeks. Above All: Do not be persuaded that any online vendor will actually get them there before the person is discharged from the hospital or taken by ambulance to the nearest trauma center.

This lovely bouquet was a from youngest daughter and family. She bought them from a vendor who spent three days "finding" me, even though they had an address. To refresh a fresh bouquet, cut the stems at an angle under cold running water, replace in vase.

This lovely rose arrangement was purchased locally. It got there on time, no chasing it down.

My sister says she paid alot of money to send me flowers, promised same day arrival by a big name brand online florist company. They claim it got there, but I never saw them. I was still on location at the stated time of arrival. They probably ended up at the nurses station.

Bottom line, I will look up a place nearby, ask if they know where the address is, tell them what I need, and see if they can't deliver within a few hours. If you have someone in the hospital, their status and location can change quickly.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sorry for the long delay in updating this post. Much has happened personally, the worst of which is over. I underwent surgery and am now recuperating at my daughters. I am an Idaho resident and love this state.

One of my favorite all time drives is heading west on U.S 12, going down both scenic and historic Louis and Clark route taking you over Lolo Pass. Its over 9,000 feet in elevation. I had totally forgotten how windy it was.

We saw guys on bikes with loaded panniers, river rafters waiting for pickup. and many wonderful panderamic scenes. It was a perfect day, last Monday, to be enjoying the freedom and fresh air of the Mountains of Idaho.

The route has a river on one side, this U.S 12. At one point, I think it was near Powel, we stopped for gas. The tiny resort had the last gas in 65 miles. I expected it to be expensive. Not so. The older gentlemen waiting for us to pump the Sinclair brand saw I was a tiny unsteady, and cautioned me to be careful. How beautiful the tents looked perched on the lawn, the Monday diners coming in early to avail themselves of a savory smell filling the air.

We soon were back on our way, heading to ID 13, slightly missing the turn as I looked for some bar and grill. Whoopsey, I misread the mapquest. My daughter laughed it off, got back on track, here we go, soon turning right onto US 95 as a tiny town shut down at 9 p.m. We ate chips and snickers bar, heading to I-84.

By midnight, we were home, happy, elated, tired and back on life's journey.

Stay tuned for many varied and guest posts to start here, as we explore our home state of Idaho, search for mountain property, make new friends and take a close look at issues facing us lovers of the wilderness.

May all your trails be brighter.