Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sorry for the long delay in updating this post. Much has happened personally, the worst of which is over. I underwent surgery and am now recuperating at my daughters. I am an Idaho resident and love this state.

One of my favorite all time drives is heading west on U.S 12, going down both scenic and historic Louis and Clark route taking you over Lolo Pass. Its over 9,000 feet in elevation. I had totally forgotten how windy it was.

We saw guys on bikes with loaded panniers, river rafters waiting for pickup. and many wonderful panderamic scenes. It was a perfect day, last Monday, to be enjoying the freedom and fresh air of the Mountains of Idaho.

The route has a river on one side, this U.S 12. At one point, I think it was near Powel, we stopped for gas. The tiny resort had the last gas in 65 miles. I expected it to be expensive. Not so. The older gentlemen waiting for us to pump the Sinclair brand saw I was a tiny unsteady, and cautioned me to be careful. How beautiful the tents looked perched on the lawn, the Monday diners coming in early to avail themselves of a savory smell filling the air.

We soon were back on our way, heading to ID 13, slightly missing the turn as I looked for some bar and grill. Whoopsey, I misread the mapquest. My daughter laughed it off, got back on track, here we go, soon turning right onto US 95 as a tiny town shut down at 9 p.m. We ate chips and snickers bar, heading to I-84.

By midnight, we were home, happy, elated, tired and back on life's journey.

Stay tuned for many varied and guest posts to start here, as we explore our home state of Idaho, search for mountain property, make new friends and take a close look at issues facing us lovers of the wilderness.

May all your trails be brighter.


  1. We biked that road in 2003. It's on the Adventure Biking Assn's Lewis and Clark trail map, which we followed to Great Fall, MT, where my husband and child went home, and I continued onto Michigan. One of my favorite parts of the ride. . . certainly the flattest until right near the top. Get well soon

  2. Wait a minute, wait a minute!!! You had surgery? You're in Idaho, not Nevada or Wyoming? What the heck? Sheesh, I go off on an AT hike and all h*!! breaks loose, can't leave you alone for a minute. My email address is . I would love to correspond with you. I feel as if I know you. Get well soon!!!

  3. Wow, Ellie, yeah, all that happened. So here we go, another adventure, and even my family is trying to accept the fact I may actually BUY a HOUSE and Settle Down????

    Come on, mom, no! Yeah, well, its evolutionary, I'm thinking.

  4. I've been catching up on all that I missed, reading your posts up through June.... you are definitely in the process of change. That you're taking it all with such composure is testimony to your strength!