Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Snow in Yellowstone

Short video capturing the weather and road conditions in Yellowstone. I left Gardiner this morning about 9:30, pulled in near noon. Its all about shifting into low gear, no breaking, getting enough speed when you approach a hill. I'm living at nearly 8,000 feet now.
I've got some good gear to test this winter, stay tuned for footage and reports.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swearing Off Lawyer Jokes

Today I'm going to consult a lawyer. I know, I know. But sometimes you just need someone who knows the ropes, can handle the heat and will be your advocate.

This man has been recommended to me by my family, and all I can say is I need some serious legal consultation, maybe some letters and phone calls made in my behalf.

My point is sometimes a gal just has to hire someone who knows what they're doing. Like asking grandma to make your wedding cake is fine, if she can. Otherwise, get the one who knows what they're doing, pay the price, enjoy the once in a lifetime event. Hope its once in a lifetime.

Now, I'm nervous, true that. I'm hoping I bring all the right papers, present my side properly, understand the repercussions of the whole scenario. I'm trying to detach, be objective, but hey, If I could do that, couldn't I handle the mess myself? Nope, I doubt it. It's all about the medical-insurance catastrophe. Of course, the lawyer has seen it all before. It will probably be a piece of cake to him.

The big guys play with big guys, intimidate us smaller guys and call it a day. Meanwhile, I must go on, prepare to winter in Yellowstone, and love life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anyone Recognize This

I say it's griz poop. Saw it hot and steaming fresh while hiking alone this morning up on the Clagget Bluff Trail, south of Mammoth.

Bushwhacked wide around these bison. After watching one big guy approach and charge a full sized griz, I won't take any chances.

Snow is on the mountain tops now, Mammoth Hot Springs feels like home. I move on Saturday.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shopping List for the Man Camp

Preparing to move up to Lake Yellowstone for my new job, cooking at the Man Camp, I went to Bozeman first thing yesterday morning.

I had a huge shopping list, many hundred dollars in cash and two credit cards. I got everything I wanted, and then some.

Ok, here's what I bought, and some specs:

First and foremost, a pair of awesome back country skis from Play it Again Sports on Oak Street. The guys really were good to me, helping me pick out a pair of barely used Karhu XCD skis. The boots are BC7 by Cockpit. Don't ask me who these companies are. I never heard of them, but the quality of this gear is evident. The skis have metal edges, perfect instant release, and are waxless. Now, I'm used to waxing, so the guy threw in some glide wax for me. He tested for proper length and camber  Smear on, buff, go!

I bought Thinsilate Mittens, a supper long knit scarf, 6 pairs of wool-wool blend socks, 900 minutes for my cell phone (service if you climb Elephant Back), minus 5 boots, (cause the ones I wanted were not in my size and I couldn't go home without any).

A sketch book and black ink pens, three new DVD movies, 5 tubes of tooth paste, laundry detergent, 8 bars of bar soap, 24 ounces each of olive oil (skin treatment) hair conditioner, shampoo and lotion.

Ok, then 12 rolls of toilet paper, and reading glasses. My two sets of polar fleece wear came from Cabellas, along with an Avalanche hoodie. I think I'll be warm with all the other gear I have on hand too.

We'll keep you posted on all this gear, how it holds up and the season's escapades. I have my chef's knives, my Culinary Arts Resource Book.

I've always wondered what it would be like to winter with tons of snow. Now I'll Know!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Beaver Pond Freeze Up

After working over a month at Lake Lodge, we closed it down for the winter, deep cleaned and moved. I had a serious reality check. It was snowing, blowing and DAmmmmmm cold. I proceeded to place an order for two sets of polar fleece base layer wear.
Using my own gear on hand, I layered up and took a nice hike up on the Beaver Pond trail. Its about 5 miles, nice steep climb, some ponds, some pines, no tourists. Not until I rounded a bend and found some guy holding a nice antler. Humm, do I tell him he can't keep it?
I didn't say nothing. The woman asked me if I knew where the Indian Wikiup was. I shook my head, no, kept hiking, thinking, even if I did I probably wouldn't say much. Would they try to take a souvenir home with them.
The colors now are fantastic. The blue lakes and ponds so blue, the drying flowers and vegetation so vibrant. Many seasonal workers have gone home for the winter. Some swearing to god they will never come back. Others say they will be back, it was a great experience.

I have been hired to work the Man Camp, cooking for construction workers up at Lake Hotel. It will be quite a winter, snowed in, living at nearly 8,000 feet. I'll be there until May 2013.

I will be buying skis, bringing up a box of books to read, my computer to write book 4 of the River Survival Series. I love cooking and the outdoors. Seems like a good fit.