Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mount Rainier Hikes

My family came to visit last Monday. It was great. We hiked three waterfalls, did hot dogs and marshmallows and found out you can make sa'mores using Oreo cookies instead of graham crackers and candy bars.
The traffic is sort of bad due to road construction, Monday thru Friday, but its worth it.

This view from lower Christine Falls was one of our favorites.
If you manage to visit Mount Rainier, bring snacks and make sure your tank if filled. You can't buy gas in this park. Last week, we were two days without power up at Paradise, which makes cooking for 200 a challenge.
But, being a backpacker, I knew some tricks and all went well.
Looking forward to fall and doing the Wonderland trail.
Sorry for so few posts. I get internet by walking to this one little EDR at Longmire, sitting here on my day off and struggling with the streaming. Hopefully, more stuff to follow.
I continue to be amazed by the heavy gear I see. It does make a difference, even on day hikes.
Happy Trails. Be prepared, but travel light.
See you on the mountain.