Friday, December 27, 2013

Dale Caston's American Discovery Trail Hike

The American Discovery Trail spans the continental United States. It's an undertaking of huge proportions, especially if you intend to thru hike it as Dale Caston does. He'll begin end of March.
Check out his facebook page :

This is the first time Dale is doing anything of this magnitude. After chatting with him for awhile, I'm impressed with desire to help humanity. The Page starts out, "Walking the Trail to get People Thru Hell."
I like that.
you can read more here:

His thru hike will benefit a worthy cause.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What About 2014?

Getting some goals and ideas for the New Year is like planning a party.
Who do you want to invite, how much money can you spend, what do you want to eat?

I'm looking at transitioning to an RV lifestyle, becoming a campground hostess. Some have told me there are no jobs for us newbies. They're all taken.  But, I say, dream it, live it, let it happen. 

After some research, I put in my application with Recreation resource Management. I got an email with this place listed.

I'm still section hiking the CDT. I'm thinking this spring I'll head down to the Gila Wilderness, near Silver City, New Mexico. I've heard good things about the Gila, all the river crossings and fabulous canyons. This link takes you to a huge website where you can actually search for maps, read trail reviews, etc.

Staying healthy is paramount to a successful life. Eating right, exercising, a positive outlook, a couple good friends, some decent hobbies all play a part in good health.

Experts say if we don't write our goals down, we're much less likely to accomplish them. I think its true.

One thing for sure, my little Geo will still be part of the dream.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Clyde Park, Montana

Here's a short video taken of the tiny town near Bozeman Montana.
Its very beautiful here with high mountains and clear skies. Cattle and deer dot snow dusted fields. I asked about a place to hike. The store clerk looked at me weirdly and said, Well, not anything near here, guess the closest is near Bozeman. I'm about 100 miles from Yellowstone National Park, so that is always an exciting option.
Roads are somewhat clear. I drove towards a trailhead but turned around when the roads became impassable. Plows hadn't been down that far.
I'm testing some Sierra Designs outer wear. Performance is excellent. The light zippers however sometimes stick.
I'm also testing a boot traction system called "yak Tracks" these are metal and rubber removable aids that are worn on the bottom of the boots.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Shipping A Car From Alaska

I'm back in Montana working for a private guest ranch. Its cold here and I haven't taken many photos yet, so stay tuned for hiking in 20 below weather.

Seriously, the Geo has started every morning and I'll loving the sunshine.

If you ever need to ship a car back from Alaska, simply go straight to the port in Anchorage and check in in with Writeway Auto Carriers, 907-277-4549. They are on 101 West Whitney Road. They want cash payment, so call them to find out what your vehicle will cost.

Then, fly to Seattle and take a shuttle to the Tacoma port where you'll pick up your vehicle 10 days later at Horizon Lines, on 1675 Lincoln Avenue.
Their phone number is 877-678-7447

Several shuttles or cabs are available. The one I used was Capitol Aeroporter.  206-244-0011 They charged me 31 bucks, helped me with my luggage, and took me right to the office in Tacoma, very much appreciated after a red eye flight.

Immediately after getting my car, I took off for Bozeman Montana. It should have been a 10 hour drive, but the weather was very snowy through the passes. I loved getting back in my car, though, so even with the challenging conditions, it was good. I arrived in Bozeman after midnight, then got a motel and was up by 7 to go for a physical before checking into  my new job.

I'm very glad I made the move back to the lower 48. Following intuitions is hard and painful sometimes, but in the long run, its worth it. Some people tell me I'm living the dream. I reply it feels like a nightmare at times, getting all the logistics in place to start a new seasonal job in an awesome place.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hiking in Eight Below

There's a trail that leads down past the church to the Airport Road, here at Alyeska Resort. I hiked with a friend, heading to Girdwood, for a few last views in Alaska.

This husky is enormous and hangs out at Thriftwood, the local second hand store in Girdwood. I can't go to "town" without stopping by. Its warm and friends. They buy and sell gear, clothes, incense, spices, hardware, kitchen stuff, you name it.

In the summer they have an outdoor flea market on Saturdays. But alas, summer is over and its frickin cold! Eight below while walking to work, walking fast. A person has to layer up if you're out to play, but the kitchen is very warm, all the ovens going, so, we basically put on the uniform, a warm coat and gloves and go like nuts.

While cutting through a back trail behind the resort, I heard laughter. Just to the side a bride and groom, in just a dress and tuxedo, were getting wedding photos done.
Here flowers littered the path, her bouquet was abandoned nearby.

Christmas lights are up. We just finished Thanksgiving and they're hoping for a good season. Meanwhile, I'm flying back to Montana to work in the pastry department of a guest ranch.

A lot of things came into play as I made the decision to ship my car and fly back. I might return in the summer next year, to play and explore. Just a note to anyone considering moving or working in Alaska. Its expensive, very expensive and getting back to the lower 48 is hard in the winter. We currently have about 7 hours of daylight. The snow is beautiful and the distant mountains rugged.