Friday, December 6, 2013

Shipping A Car From Alaska

I'm back in Montana working for a private guest ranch. Its cold here and I haven't taken many photos yet, so stay tuned for hiking in 20 below weather.

Seriously, the Geo has started every morning and I'll loving the sunshine.

If you ever need to ship a car back from Alaska, simply go straight to the port in Anchorage and check in in with Writeway Auto Carriers, 907-277-4549. They are on 101 West Whitney Road. They want cash payment, so call them to find out what your vehicle will cost.

Then, fly to Seattle and take a shuttle to the Tacoma port where you'll pick up your vehicle 10 days later at Horizon Lines, on 1675 Lincoln Avenue.
Their phone number is 877-678-7447

Several shuttles or cabs are available. The one I used was Capitol Aeroporter.  206-244-0011 They charged me 31 bucks, helped me with my luggage, and took me right to the office in Tacoma, very much appreciated after a red eye flight.

Immediately after getting my car, I took off for Bozeman Montana. It should have been a 10 hour drive, but the weather was very snowy through the passes. I loved getting back in my car, though, so even with the challenging conditions, it was good. I arrived in Bozeman after midnight, then got a motel and was up by 7 to go for a physical before checking into  my new job.

I'm very glad I made the move back to the lower 48. Following intuitions is hard and painful sometimes, but in the long run, its worth it. Some people tell me I'm living the dream. I reply it feels like a nightmare at times, getting all the logistics in place to start a new seasonal job in an awesome place.

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