Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hiking in Eight Below

There's a trail that leads down past the church to the Airport Road, here at Alyeska Resort. I hiked with a friend, heading to Girdwood, for a few last views in Alaska.

This husky is enormous and hangs out at Thriftwood, the local second hand store in Girdwood. I can't go to "town" without stopping by. Its warm and friends. They buy and sell gear, clothes, incense, spices, hardware, kitchen stuff, you name it.

In the summer they have an outdoor flea market on Saturdays. But alas, summer is over and its frickin cold! Eight below while walking to work, walking fast. A person has to layer up if you're out to play, but the kitchen is very warm, all the ovens going, so, we basically put on the uniform, a warm coat and gloves and go like nuts.

While cutting through a back trail behind the resort, I heard laughter. Just to the side a bride and groom, in just a dress and tuxedo, were getting wedding photos done.
Here flowers littered the path, her bouquet was abandoned nearby.

Christmas lights are up. We just finished Thanksgiving and they're hoping for a good season. Meanwhile, I'm flying back to Montana to work in the pastry department of a guest ranch.

A lot of things came into play as I made the decision to ship my car and fly back. I might return in the summer next year, to play and explore. Just a note to anyone considering moving or working in Alaska. Its expensive, very expensive and getting back to the lower 48 is hard in the winter. We currently have about 7 hours of daylight. The snow is beautiful and the distant mountains rugged.

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