Saturday, December 21, 2013

What About 2014?

Getting some goals and ideas for the New Year is like planning a party.
Who do you want to invite, how much money can you spend, what do you want to eat?

I'm looking at transitioning to an RV lifestyle, becoming a campground hostess. Some have told me there are no jobs for us newbies. They're all taken.  But, I say, dream it, live it, let it happen. 

After some research, I put in my application with Recreation resource Management. I got an email with this place listed.

I'm still section hiking the CDT. I'm thinking this spring I'll head down to the Gila Wilderness, near Silver City, New Mexico. I've heard good things about the Gila, all the river crossings and fabulous canyons. This link takes you to a huge website where you can actually search for maps, read trail reviews, etc.

Staying healthy is paramount to a successful life. Eating right, exercising, a positive outlook, a couple good friends, some decent hobbies all play a part in good health.

Experts say if we don't write our goals down, we're much less likely to accomplish them. I think its true.

One thing for sure, my little Geo will still be part of the dream.

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