Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Health Care Scam

So I'm shopping around for personal health care insurance.

Question, why am I doing this? Cause most bankruptcies are a result of medical crisis. Because its part of the new law (now being debated in the Supreme Court), because as we get older we might need some medical care, and that is so expensive these days.

I went on line, did some research, looked at quotes. Beware. If you ever type your telephone number into these health care insurance web sites, before you ever get the submit button hit, the phone will be ringing, and ringing. and ringing.

Then, you'll get unscrupulous people setting up plans and offering great sounding programs.

The salesperson may add stuff to the script, this happened to me today, which turns out to be totally false. His manager said it was false, and he would deal with the lie internally. Hope you fire his ass, seriously.

Once the information was sent via email and I saw it didn't match up to all the promises offered, I canceled, and they hoped to not refund my "fee". Well, that's when you tell them the salesman lied through his teeth, and thankfully paid with a reputable credit card.

I always always use American Express. Once again, they will help me get through this scam.

Bottom line? I'll be sitting down with a local agent, at a desk, reading real hard copy. I will never trust an online site again.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health Care Insurance

I've started looking into health care plans. So many issues come up when a person has "pre-existing" conditions. As a lay person, not used to the insurance terminolgy, I'm happy to see the government has a plan for those who may need to go this route, using a  program for people who haven't had health insurance in the last 6 months.

this link also has a video linked from youtube that does a great job explaining the whole thing, who qualifies, in which states, and what the premiums might be.

View out my car window of the salt flats near Reno, Nevada. A person can easily think its water. There was some green water, in the ditches and median strip. Other places it dried to the white landscape.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Research Leads to Adventure Page

I've started researching the Mississippi River, its distances between major cities and time. The idea of taking a canoe the entire length is intriguing, following a water course for several months, human powered. This guy did it, and posted a great resource:

The river is about 2311 miles long. He started on August 15, 2001, and finished in the Gulf on Oct 21, averaging 34 miles a day.

Turns out, the same year Buck Nelson did this river trip, he thru hiked the AT. See that info on the same website:

This page has a bunch of stuff on Alaska hunting and hiking, books available by different authors. Never know what a person will run across looking up an unrelated topic.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Bye Georgia

I'm moving across the country, visiting my sister in Nevada, then working in Yellowstone for the summer. I hope to spend at least one winter in Yellowstone, a winter in the Grand Canyon, see Alaska, and etcetera.

The etcetera is all up in the air. Georgia has been good to me. I've enjoyed the wilderness, the remote living, the minimalism. I'm still a minimalist. All my stuff fits into my Geo. The Appalachian Trail, Bartram Trail, and Foothill Trails will be missed. Its been a real adventure. I've been here 12 years.

But, to all things there is a time and season. This is a bridge near Elicot Rock, where the three states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia come together. I took this photo when I first moved here. All adventures are bridges on life's journey, teaching the patience and skills to move forward.

I'll keep this blog going and my femalesurvivalist one as well while I travel and meet new people.