Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Health Care Scam

So I'm shopping around for personal health care insurance.

Question, why am I doing this? Cause most bankruptcies are a result of medical crisis. Because its part of the new law (now being debated in the Supreme Court), because as we get older we might need some medical care, and that is so expensive these days.

I went on line, did some research, looked at quotes. Beware. If you ever type your telephone number into these health care insurance web sites, before you ever get the submit button hit, the phone will be ringing, and ringing. and ringing.

Then, you'll get unscrupulous people setting up plans and offering great sounding programs.

The salesperson may add stuff to the script, this happened to me today, which turns out to be totally false. His manager said it was false, and he would deal with the lie internally. Hope you fire his ass, seriously.

Once the information was sent via email and I saw it didn't match up to all the promises offered, I canceled, and they hoped to not refund my "fee". Well, that's when you tell them the salesman lied through his teeth, and thankfully paid with a reputable credit card.

I always always use American Express. Once again, they will help me get through this scam.

Bottom line? I'll be sitting down with a local agent, at a desk, reading real hard copy. I will never trust an online site again.

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