Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preseason Work at Snowlodge, Yellowstone

Snow  Lodge is located right next to the Old Faithful gyeser complex, one of the most visited places in our National Park System. I have accepted a preseason position from April 28- May 31, and then will be heading to Lake Lodge in Yellowstone.

The absolute beauty of this opportunity is I will get to enjoy this early spring in the very popular place, before it gets very busy, able to hike on days off, meet new people and then transfer to my favorite location in the park.

Don't get me wrong. Grant and Roosevelt are marvelous too. If you ever get a chance to hang out in Yellowstone, all the locations have much to offer.

Now, bison will be enjoying the warmth of Old Faithful. There are so many hot sulfur ponds and geysers in the Snow lodge location, bison can be seen there year round. The walk to work is about a tenth of a mile. I look forward to sharing those experiences here with you.

Of course, I'll be cooking. Me and the kitchen, we get along. The other night I made supper for my sister's family. We still have leftovers! Guess I'm geared for hungry crowds who love dessert.

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  1. What fun! There aren't many situations better than being in a place you love, earning money at work you also love, with time off to do the personal activities you love. Spectacular!