Friday, April 13, 2012

Tree Vs. Truck

I'm hanging out near Reno Nevada, waiting for my Yellowstone Job to begin. Walking around the neighborhood, I passed this truck. I paused. My first reaction was someone went off trail and must have had a hellva time until they hit the tree. Branches still are embedded in the grill, under the wiper blade, in the truck bed.
I looked closer and saw the cracked windshield, the long scratch on the side. A sobering thought: I hope the driver survived.

Maybe the person left it out of gear at the top of a hill and it ran away? I doubt it made it home without a tow truck.

If I was bolder, I would walk up to the door, knock and ask. No one bothered me while I was taking the photos, carefully editing out the driver's licence.

Tree versus truck: tree 1, truck -0....but of course, I haven't seen the tree, but from the front grill, I figure it was big.

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  1. Wow, scared me at first, thought it was you, then remembered you have a Geo and read the post. I wonder about things like that too.