Monday, February 27, 2012

PCT-John Muir Trail Deemed Impassable

From my Facebook updates, I read this article : about severe distruction due to high winds and downed trees in the Seirras. Alternate routes are being planned, be aware if you're heading out on any trail, especially something as magnificent and remote as the Pacific Crest Trail, alternate routes are always a possibility.

I was very fortunate to hike through the Sierras, snow pack was low that year, yet still, in early June, a very wonderful challenge.

In terms of trails status, Morse said the 9 trailheads in Reds Meadow valley all have debris. The PCT has been deemed “impassable,” with lots of climbing required. One hiker who emerged from the trail not long after the event said it took his group about 25 minutes to go a half-mile in some parts. Officials are working with the PCT Association on alternate routes. The official kickoff of the PCT hiking season is April 30, but most hikers don’t arrive until late June. This quote is from his post at the above link.

They are calling for volunteers who can handle chain saws, and those who know how to fall trees.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How About Driving?

Is the All American Road Trip about to go belly up, with the price of gas taking food our of our mouths?

Well, its really not that bad, Americans are still eating pretty good. My online friend has a blog about her trip from Florida to Alaska. She drove all by herself, meeting cool people all along the way.

Now, if your car gets decent mileage, and you do like she did, camping and having a blast, the rewards would greatly outweigh the gas money.

I've already bought my round trip tickets to Bozeman for my summer job in Yellowstone National Park. I'm going to see what its like to be afoot. Actually, it will be very easy, long as I get to and from the airport ok. I'll walk to work, have tons of trails to choose from, take the occasional employee trip.

My friend and I have a hike planned for March, several nights on the AT in Georgia. I'm looking forward to that, thinking can it get much warmer this spring. Of course, trail gods being like they are, we'll probably end up with a blizzard about the time she arrives.

gotta love the trail gods

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Essay Spot On

A friend posted this at Facebook, and it's spot on.

How my friends see my experience (the griz)
How my mom sees my experience (rescue helicopter)
How society sees my experience (homeless woman)

How dayhikers see my experience (massive pack)
How I see my experience (day pack-ultralighter)
My actual experience (crashed sideways in a blue tent)

A photo, or series of photos is worth a ton of words!

Happy Trails. If perception were reality, we'd all be gorgeous fools.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dream Time 2012

Every new year, before its warm enough to actually get on a plane and go do something, the maps come out, the guide books are spread on the table, and I begin asking myself, where to now?

We ponder not whether to wander, but where.

While I do have a great job lined up in Yellowstone this summer, the early spring calls for action. Maybe not enough time to check out Alaska, right up at the top of my bucket list, but maybe enough time for the Georgia AT, reliving some cool memories, meeting some early backpackers heading for Katahdin.

A person has to want it, want it more than a soft pillow at night or variety of foods, more than hot showers and Internet. We get our gear to the summit, the will deep inside that laughs off aches and pains like a bad cup of coffee.

In all my travels, there's nothing, no one thing, like the comradeship of hikers on a trail, enjoying life, chucking all the fo-fo competitions instilled from kindergarten up.

In the end you find, no one wins, and the race is only with yourself. I've got a new camera, and it needs some trail time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going MainStream How to Soda Can Stove?

I'm Friends with Treehugger on Facebook
Today they posted this link which takes you to an article and video clip on how to make the soda can stove. I'm loving it.

Ultralight backpackers carry them exclusively, religiously. I saw a guy making one with just a jack knife at a picnic table in 2001 at the Annual Zero Day Kick Off Party.

I carried a very streamlined cook set on my Appalachian Trail Thru hike. It weighed only 3.5 ounces, all of it nesting into the plastic container. Its seen a lot of use, and looking pretty scroungy. I post it here for your inspection.
I still have and use this stove. It cost nothing but a labor of love from my friend, and some really decent heat resistant tape.

He also made the pot support. The "pot" is made from a aluminum large Vienna sausage can. All recyclable stuff.  As you prepare for your adventures this summer, check out the do it yourself gear. It will last a long time. This stove has hundreds of meals under it's ultralight belt.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Ultralighter's True Trail Stories-Beyond the Journey

Just released! I finally have my second trail book done and uploaded for Kindle or Nooks.

I've been working
on this book for quite some time. It has photos, lots of stories, and how to stuff. Check it out at:
An Ultralighter's True Trail Stories-Beyond the Journey  Stories and overviews of the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Colorado Trail, John Muir Trail and more.