Saturday, February 25, 2012

How About Driving?

Is the All American Road Trip about to go belly up, with the price of gas taking food our of our mouths?

Well, its really not that bad, Americans are still eating pretty good. My online friend has a blog about her trip from Florida to Alaska. She drove all by herself, meeting cool people all along the way.

Now, if your car gets decent mileage, and you do like she did, camping and having a blast, the rewards would greatly outweigh the gas money.

I've already bought my round trip tickets to Bozeman for my summer job in Yellowstone National Park. I'm going to see what its like to be afoot. Actually, it will be very easy, long as I get to and from the airport ok. I'll walk to work, have tons of trails to choose from, take the occasional employee trip.

My friend and I have a hike planned for March, several nights on the AT in Georgia. I'm looking forward to that, thinking can it get much warmer this spring. Of course, trail gods being like they are, we'll probably end up with a blizzard about the time she arrives.

gotta love the trail gods


  1. Winter Storm '93 was something else here in Alabama. I went to bed thinking we would have a inch or so of snow and woke up to 14 inches plus 6 foot drifts all over the city. It shut this place down for about a week. The snow arrived March 14th and lasted over a week. I do have snow chains and 4 wheel drive now. Always good to have tranportion in case of an emergeny. Hopefully no snowshoe, ice axes or crampons in the early Spring. Maybe a toast to trail gods is in order.

  2. OH My goodness! That would be so much fun, slogging through snow up to Plum Orchard Gap shelter,,,,we could make igloos, and melt snow and tabagoon down Bly Gap....silnylon tarp would work for that!

    Can't wait, girlfriend. :)

  3. And don't forget snowmen, hot chocolate ice cream, and maybe I should bring some dogs to keep warm! We should be good for freezing temperatures. I have two minions who will be delighted to gather firewood. I can bring snow saucers and tabagoons but silnylon would be lighter. The minions do love snow.

  4. I love it, The MINIONs!

    well, its fun to play with someone elses minions. When they get mad, they take it out on MOM :D