Monday, February 27, 2012

PCT-John Muir Trail Deemed Impassable

From my Facebook updates, I read this article : about severe distruction due to high winds and downed trees in the Seirras. Alternate routes are being planned, be aware if you're heading out on any trail, especially something as magnificent and remote as the Pacific Crest Trail, alternate routes are always a possibility.

I was very fortunate to hike through the Sierras, snow pack was low that year, yet still, in early June, a very wonderful challenge.

In terms of trails status, Morse said the 9 trailheads in Reds Meadow valley all have debris. The PCT has been deemed “impassable,” with lots of climbing required. One hiker who emerged from the trail not long after the event said it took his group about 25 minutes to go a half-mile in some parts. Officials are working with the PCT Association on alternate routes. The official kickoff of the PCT hiking season is April 30, but most hikers don’t arrive until late June. This quote is from his post at the above link.

They are calling for volunteers who can handle chain saws, and those who know how to fall trees.

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