Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Essay Spot On

A friend posted this at Facebook, and it's spot on.

How my friends see my experience (the griz)
How my mom sees my experience (rescue helicopter)
How society sees my experience (homeless woman)

How dayhikers see my experience (massive pack)
How I see my experience (day pack-ultralighter)
My actual experience (crashed sideways in a blue tent)

A photo, or series of photos is worth a ton of words!

Happy Trails. If perception were reality, we'd all be gorgeous fools.


  1. LOL! A friend posted this same thing to my wall; I got a big kick out of it!

    Your blog is inspiring me to do more with mine, like post about offbeat uses for various gizmos, and I really should start posting about my AT hiking plans for this summer.

  2. Thanks, Ellie, yes, off beat is great, gizmos are meant for messing with!

  3. Glad you liked the post! I LOL when I saw it on facebook.