Writing the River Survival Series

Book One : I played with several shadow images for the cover. I wanted to convey the spiritual side that impacts every decision we make. In the River Series, an alternate belief system is introduced, a sense of other gods and guides interjecting themselves into otherwise normal daily existence.

Book Two: The cover conveys the all consuming weapon of fire. We have raids and retribution, purges and military diversions by fire, this most powerful, yet simplest of weaponry.

Book Three: I posed for the cover, a female determined to protect her family by whatever means necessary, but changed it later to the above cover. The background image is a black wolf running. Those who are familiar with the series will grasp the significance. I won't spoil it by revealing it here.

Book Four: A rugged elite force gathers at the headwaters of the Mississippi river to  stem the rushing tide of a Government intent on retaking power from the struggling communities Post Grid collapse. I write about authority totally out of control and the freedom fighters facing inhuman brutality.

I've just completed the fifth in the series, now  Available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble for Nook readers. You  can order them print on demand through the links at Amazon. Createspace is the company offering these services at a very good rate.

I'm in my third year of writing this emotionally draining series. I've asked myself, if the grid went down, and we're living back in the wilderness, how long would it take for us to know that.

I wrote an entire page at


complete with book covers and a short synopsis. Without giving too much away, I'll say by patterning the main female after myself and gaining an emotional bond with all the characters, the ending of the fourth book, No Storm Like This, is very heart rending.

I've tried to be logical, and insightful. If the grid went down for any length of time, who would fare best, who would suffer most, and what would be the outcome for pacifists and those afraid to break the rules. I've included raw sex, horrifying violence, and normal family routines.

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