Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

 This Ultralight Gear List very complete. It's main purpose is to help you remember everything. For complete discussion on each category, see http://www.trailquest.net/ultralight.html, a page I wrote in 2002.
My gear list for the Appalachian Trail is discussed in detail on a special page devoted to it on my home page:

Weights listed below for your convienence are for the items I took on that thru hike. If no weight is listed, its because I didn't bring it. Some of the smaller kits were grouped together, and weighed as a unit. At times various components where mailed ahead, and that link also details the management of gear for the Appalachian Trail.

The Big Three, and their components

Sleeping Bag with stuff sack (24 ounces, 30 degree Marmot goose down)

Sleeping Pad ( 8 ounces closed cell pad, trimmed)

Shelter with stakes, and guy lines, in stuff sack (home made Tacoma Solo 18 ounces)

Ground cloth, if desired

Pack, pack liner or garbage bag liner( 9 ounces, this is one I made from silnylon)

Packcover (1.5 ounces)


Silnylon Rain jacket and rain pants (6 ounces)

Warm layer (fleece top-12 ounces, pants-7 ounces, hat, gloves, socks)

Mid weight layer (tights 3 ounces, silk top- 4 ounces, socks-1 ounce)

Hiking layer (shorts- 4 ounces, top-3ounces, socks-1 ounces, hat-none)

Sandals ( 1 ounce, gram weenie home made)

Stuff sack for clothing (half an ounce)

Sleep wear (silk shorts-2 ounces, and silk top-three ounces)

Town wear (optional) (none taken here)

Hygiene/ Medical/Murphy (about 8 ounces)

Tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss


Ultralight mirror

Tweezers for tick removal

Disposable Razor

Rubbing alcohol, cotton balls

Toilet paper


Hand sanitizer, or use rubbing alcohol

Body lotion or Vaseline, travelers size

Camp towel/ bandana (one ounce)

Pain reliever




Insect Repellent

Electrical or duct tape

Needle and thread

Safety pins

Free flowing super glue

Any prescriptions you are taking

Eye glasses, sun glasses

Two or three ditty bags for all this

Cook System(7 ounces, but no pot lifter, or pot scrubber)



Matches, lighter

Windscreen, pot support, pot lifter

Cooking pot

Cup, spoon

Pot scrubber, if desired

Plastic bags for repackaging food

Zip lock bag for trash

Stuff sack for pot and stove

Stuff sack for food

Stuff sacks are easy to make. Ditty bags are even easier. The  above video walks you through the steps.

Water Treatment and Capacity

Chemical treatment (always bring)

Filter, if desired

Water bottles (2 ounces)

Water bag/platypus (one ounce)

Water bottle carriers, or pockets (included with my pack)

Other Items and Tools

Paper and Pencil/Pen

Hiking Pole(s), or hiking staff( 2 Komperdels-18 ounces, not included as Pack weight)

Driver's licence, and /or photo ID

Non-debit credit card

Emergency telephone numbers, insurance card

Flash light/ LED /photon light ( two photons,6 grams each)

Knife (5 grams)

GI can opener (4 grams, for town stops)

Watch (16 grams-watchband cut off)

Trail guide, maps, data sheet (data sheets only, with paper and pencil, 4 ounces)

Compass, if needed or desired


Ditty bag as wallet (with cards and cash-1 ounce)

Quality zip lock bags for all paper products

Rope for hanging shelters, guy lines, or food bags

Luxury Items (none taken except the camera)

Cell Phone

Radio, batteries

Pocket E-mail

Camera (digital, disposable, or regular) (disposable-4 ounces)

CD player, disks

Quality zip lock bag and ditty bag for any luxury item

Knee braces, if needed or desired

Reading Material, books

Mace/ bear spray

Bear Canister(used in Griz country on CDT)