Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health Care Insurance

I've started looking into health care plans. So many issues come up when a person has "pre-existing" conditions. As a lay person, not used to the insurance terminolgy, I'm happy to see the government has a plan for those who may need to go this route, using a  program for people who haven't had health insurance in the last 6 months.


this link also has a video linked from youtube that does a great job explaining the whole thing, who qualifies, in which states, and what the premiums might be.

View out my car window of the salt flats near Reno, Nevada. A person can easily think its water. There was some green water, in the ditches and median strip. Other places it dried to the white landscape.


  1. Hopefully the health care law will keep us from being a pre-existing condition again, simply for being a woman.


    Love your photos!

  2. How true, JJ< being a woman is a pre-exisiting condition! I never thought of it!