Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swearing Off Lawyer Jokes

Today I'm going to consult a lawyer. I know, I know. But sometimes you just need someone who knows the ropes, can handle the heat and will be your advocate.

This man has been recommended to me by my family, and all I can say is I need some serious legal consultation, maybe some letters and phone calls made in my behalf.

My point is sometimes a gal just has to hire someone who knows what they're doing. Like asking grandma to make your wedding cake is fine, if she can. Otherwise, get the one who knows what they're doing, pay the price, enjoy the once in a lifetime event. Hope its once in a lifetime.

Now, I'm nervous, true that. I'm hoping I bring all the right papers, present my side properly, understand the repercussions of the whole scenario. I'm trying to detach, be objective, but hey, If I could do that, couldn't I handle the mess myself? Nope, I doubt it. It's all about the medical-insurance catastrophe. Of course, the lawyer has seen it all before. It will probably be a piece of cake to him.

The big guys play with big guys, intimidate us smaller guys and call it a day. Meanwhile, I must go on, prepare to winter in Yellowstone, and love life.

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