Friday, October 5, 2012

Beaver Pond Freeze Up

After working over a month at Lake Lodge, we closed it down for the winter, deep cleaned and moved. I had a serious reality check. It was snowing, blowing and DAmmmmmm cold. I proceeded to place an order for two sets of polar fleece base layer wear.
Using my own gear on hand, I layered up and took a nice hike up on the Beaver Pond trail. Its about 5 miles, nice steep climb, some ponds, some pines, no tourists. Not until I rounded a bend and found some guy holding a nice antler. Humm, do I tell him he can't keep it?
I didn't say nothing. The woman asked me if I knew where the Indian Wikiup was. I shook my head, no, kept hiking, thinking, even if I did I probably wouldn't say much. Would they try to take a souvenir home with them.
The colors now are fantastic. The blue lakes and ponds so blue, the drying flowers and vegetation so vibrant. Many seasonal workers have gone home for the winter. Some swearing to god they will never come back. Others say they will be back, it was a great experience.

I have been hired to work the Man Camp, cooking for construction workers up at Lake Hotel. It will be quite a winter, snowed in, living at nearly 8,000 feet. I'll be there until May 2013.

I will be buying skis, bringing up a box of books to read, my computer to write book 4 of the River Survival Series. I love cooking and the outdoors. Seems like a good fit.

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