Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recouperation and the Family Dog

Back on track, I've set a "walking" route for myself, to be performed thrice daily, probably adding up to around 4 miles. I wished it could be more rugged, but two weeks post op, I guess it will have to do. Time flys when you're busy, sits still when when you're bored.

I walk past this chicken yard. My grandparents had chickens. I should say my grandma. Grandpa hated them, unless they were under the ax or on top the table, deep fried in an 8 piece. He also believed corn was for animals and would never eat corn on the cob. He doubted they ever really made it to the moon. God rest his soul, I loved Grandpa.

The family dog, Cheyenne, walks with me. She is calm and older, listens to my musings, giving my running commentary legitimacy. Who talks to themselves? No one, but, talk to the family dog, you're fine.

I'm also hunting for local real estate, finding the market maybe has finally bottomed out and folks are buying homes again. That sounds good for the economy, those that have lost value in their existing homes. Now that people can and are buying, values should rise.

Should. Nothing is the same anymore.


  1. Chyenneh looks a calm dog! So glad you are out and about walking. It is getting very hot here in Alabama. The ticks and other bitting insects are especially bad this spring.

  2. She is a calm dog, although she followed me on a walk down the road, swam in the irrigation ditch, confronted another dog.
    The biting insects are maddening I'm sure!

  3. Cheyenne looks a lot like my own dog Journey, who is also calm but confronts other dogs :-)

  4. Confronts other dogs, Ellie? does that mean a growling dog fight, or a sniff and dance routine? Makes me nervous, I know that. Who wants to break up a dog fight?? :D

  5. Just hackles up, "State your business." Although if the other dog picks a fight, she wants to play hardball. I always keep her on leash and just lead her away from the fracas.