Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Bouquets and Lost Flowers

If you ever want to send someone flowers, google for a local florist shop nearby the place your lucky recipient is staying. My family learned alot about this process these last few weeks. Above All: Do not be persuaded that any online vendor will actually get them there before the person is discharged from the hospital or taken by ambulance to the nearest trauma center.

This lovely bouquet was a from youngest daughter and family. She bought them from a vendor who spent three days "finding" me, even though they had an address. To refresh a fresh bouquet, cut the stems at an angle under cold running water, replace in vase.

This lovely rose arrangement was purchased locally. It got there on time, no chasing it down.

My sister says she paid alot of money to send me flowers, promised same day arrival by a big name brand online florist company. They claim it got there, but I never saw them. I was still on location at the stated time of arrival. They probably ended up at the nurses station.

Bottom line, I will look up a place nearby, ask if they know where the address is, tell them what I need, and see if they can't deliver within a few hours. If you have someone in the hospital, their status and location can change quickly.

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