Monday, May 28, 2012

A New Chapter?

Someone suggested I'm entering a New Chapter in my life. I don't know. There are definitely different chapters. Not sure I'm done with the last one.

We're born and Mom has to take care of us. That first chapter in our lives is so dependent on how competent our care givers are. Experts say most of our personality is formed in those first three years, and yet, at most we only remember a few key points. Most of my memories from that point in time I'd rather forget.

The second chapter would be school, grade school and high school. The whole school thing can be a nightmare for some, bullies, bad teachers, bad grades. It could be great, affirmation, stimulation, growth. My memories are mostly good, and I made it through alright.

Then, the third chapter, I got married, raised a family, went to church. That chapter ended and I moved on.

Chapter four was all about the trails and freedom. Lots of freedom. Seasonal jobs working in cool places.

Is it time for Chapter five? Settling down? Getting a full time real job? Its almost scary. Is the universe trying to tell me something, after going through this last surgery?

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