Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Does It Match?

Hiking up to Scout Lookout in Zion National Park, I noticed a hand print in cement. It was small, perhaps a child's? Wait! It matches mine.

I'm not into cement paths.
But, its accessible. We the employees here are told not to use the term handicap accessible. Just Accessible.

What's happening to us, as a people. I heard a lady on the cement path at Temple of Sinawava say "Its so much nicer this year. Last year this trail was all Dirt!"

Walking along in flip flops, munching apples, cameras and IPods in tow, down cement paths, back to the shuttle buses that run every 15 minutes, we all get a chance to see extraordinary views of cliffs, rivers and valleys that must be felt, loved and above all, preserved.

I wonder if life has become too easy. The things we cherish the most are the things we struggle to win, nearly loose, but at last regain. Perhaps our paths have become too generic, too certain.

That hand print matched mine.
Does it reflect a universal desire to leave one's mark on the earth?
Or, an opportunist just taking advantage of wet cement?
Was it the trail gods warning me not to become lazy by choosing too obvious a path?

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