Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mystery Antlers Defy Reason

While hiking along Yellowstone River Trail on an 18 mile day hike, my friend showed me a tree that apparently has swallowed a massive elk antler. Now, we have proposed several theories:

How did this antler get stuck in this evergreen tree, and when did it happen, 50 years ago, my guess.

The big picture is worth a thousand words, just for the surrounding scenery alone.

This is not a piece of modern art. Its the tip of the antler, and the colors are enhanced.
Yesterday I did a 16 mile hike along Lava Creek trail, heading to Blacktail Creek Trail head. Half of it became a bushwhack of sorts. I came across an entire Elk skeleton, a ten point rack, head, spine and legs. I figure it was a griz feed. Wolves would have scattered the bones.
I hike alone, carry bear spray, write poems aloud, and basically scare off all but the bravest of badgers. They are mean enough!

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  1. Brawny, that is such a neat picture. I have seen a bike swallowed up by a tree but not an antler! It is amazing how many bones you can find when you bushwack. We found deer bones on our last hike in Sipsey.