Friday, November 16, 2012

Gear Review-Lightning 50 Backpack

Points I love about this pack:

totally adjustable fit, which means you can buy it without knowing the exact torso length of the person going to use it,

and it can be used for growing kids, so they can have good gear which will fit them for years to come.

I love the many zippered pockets, the outside pockets for water bottles, and the cinch straps in key locations. I love the fact the zippers are substantial, not skimpy nylon teeth which always give out.

I love the fact its not blue or orange. The color is a nice stealth dark gray, with green highlights.

The pack weighs just over 3 pounds, with 3,000 cubic inches interior space. With all the various straps, you can carry additional gear on the outside.

For me, the straps are excessively long because I'm only 5 foot 2 inches. A bigger person needs this length to adjust  for waist and shoulder girth.

I found the system very quick and easy to use.

I really like the  hip belt pocket. Now my camera has a good home.


  1. Now I wish I had found this pack before I bought the girls their packs! I may still snag one since Samantha stole my day pack from me. Love the features such as the roomy hip belt pockets and the bottom compartment. My gregory pack weights more than double that with those features. Incredible weight savings for all you get and adjustable too! Looks like that will be our next pack.

  2. the versatil adjustments just amazed me. At first I just thought, well, it would make a great gift cause you wouldn't have to know the exact size. And I thought of people who are hard to fit for one reason or another (short, skinny, short, fat...tall, skinny, short arms, whatever)

    Then I thought of growing kids, and I thought, genious! No huge investment for something they'll outgrow in a year! The pack grows with them!

    thanks Flo, for the comments.