Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To Android or Not to Android....

That is the question!

Preparing for my section hike on the CDT and the road trip to Maine has me looking over the various cell phone options. Currently I have just a simple trac phone, the older version with the three letters per number key board. It means sending texts is pretty slow and the pay as you go version boils down to about 10 cents a minute.

Not a bad phone option for your basic contact needs.

However, these android options have me thinking about having Wi-Fi options, able to upload to my blogs while hiking, able to read my emails and post photos to Facebook.

Gone are the days when people just owned a landline and went to the library for their research needs.
The androids have cameras, gps and talk time. But, they come with "contracts" of sorts, or commitments.

Any ideas or reviews from the hiking public?

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