Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mount Rainier Heaven

Mount Rainier , home of the Wonderland Trail, will be my playground for the next five months.

Can we say elated, astounded and ridiculously lucky? Wow. Besides cooking up at Paradise for the employees, I'll be hiking and writing and having campfires if allowed.
I always follow the rules on location.
Last thing I want is to be evicted from heaven.

My backyard includes a 14,000 foot volcano, innumerable trails, and bountiful wildlife. I plan to see it all. Of course, its probably not humanly possible in the course of one season, but winter finds many enjoying the mountain as well.

Hello Snowshoes! They're on the wish list. A shout out to gear enthusiasts. If you got recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Gear manufacturers, if you got something you'd like tested, I'm game.

If anyone wants to be on t-v, and thinks they can solo the wilderness for weeks and wants some info on that opportunity, write a comment and I'll send you the link.

Gram weenies unite. I'll be testing my new thinsulate prototype quilt this summer. Initial testing for Search and Rescue have proved promising.


  1. should be a fun summer. Wonderland Trail is on my list, although I've heard that heavy rains washed a lot of it out in the last couple of years. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Thanks Ron, I hope to get some real hiking in tomorrow on my day off. The river is really low. The snow is still on top, but according to sources, they only saw 300 inches last year.