Monday, June 22, 2015

Love the Mountains, Hate Road Construction

Here at Mount Rainier, we face some challenges. While I adore my views, my motor home and new friends, staying "connected" or uploading new material to my blogs or films is challenging.

Attitudes suffer from no phone service. Sure, I could skype someone if I wanted to sit here in the Longmire EDR and chat over my laptop. Sure, I could gmail a phone call, but all that is pretty much public because the connectivity here sucks.

So, if you're considering working up here in this particular National Park, beware. You will face challenges that are not always evident.
Last night, a couple guys took the shuttle to Ashford on a beer run. Round trip of two and a half hours. That can be fun, if you're in the mood for a beautiful drive.
I've started doing laundry by hand to avoid the two hours needed to make that happen in the one machine here.
I'd rather be hiking.

Can't say it isn't some of the most amazing scenery on earth. Wild flowers abound. Every color and texture. Deer feed a dozen yards from the Employee Dining Room windows. Lovely. Very lovely.

Hoping to get some hikes in again, I've done those close to this location. I've just got to fight the construction crew delays, and drive up to the trail head up mountain. Worth it. So worth it.

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