Monday, August 31, 2015

Running Out

Here on the mountain, I run out of ideas for posting.
Sure, I've been trying new ideas in the backcountry, but nearly every trick under the sun has been seen and done.

The chef gave me one idea, though, for my last hike that I'd never seen before. Instead of carrying a bottle of 100% deet, I put six paper napkins in a pint size Ziploc bag, doused it good with deet and brought that.

At night, I wiped my sweaty body down, removing dust, applying deet. In the morning, I flipped the napkin over and wiped my face. Somehow, and this may gross you out, I actually felt refreshed. Sweat gone, a fine layer of oily bug repellant installed.

It worked. End of trail, I had used every paper napkin and endured not a single gnat or bug.

Of course, what works for me might disgust you. To each their own. As the saying goes, hike your own hike.

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