Friday, January 14, 2011

Gigonomics-A New Word for New Thinking

The word for September 2010 is Gigonomics, according to Reader's Digest. It means the science of cobbling together a series of small often freelance or temporary jobs to make ends meet in a bad economy.

I'm coining a new word for us frugal ultralighters:

That's right: the science of cobbling together a series of homemade, modified, thrift found, alternative, cottage industry and main stream gear to use for an entire long hike or thru hike.

Bad Economy or not, ultralight backpackers tend to end up with a non conformist assortment of gear. Stuff we plan on wearing out or throwing out mid trail doesn't need to be high end and expensive.
Stuff we can modify or repair to fit us can be cast off or department store finds.

Then, the all important sleeping bag must be the best you can afford, with several factors taken into account.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about budget gear. How to make it, find it, modify, and what to look for in used clothing.

Next week we'll spend money at real stores assembling the necessities.

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