Friday, January 21, 2011


The soda can stove, sometimes called the Pepsi can stove is a fourth ounce marvel.

This simple soda can stove which I designed can be made with just one can, a jack knife and some tape.

Check out

for the fuels you can use with it. In the well, liquid fuels can be poured. An ounce of fuel will generally cook a supper on the trail.

Make your own stove by following directions found at:


Some people will carry cold foods and forgo the stove. This means eliminating coffee and light foods which save weight by being dehydrated.
Sometimes a break from cooking is a good thing. Peanut butter sandwiches, salami and cheese, cold cereal and candy bars take an important role to keep from culinary boredom.
Along with a soda can stove, a pot support, windscreen and simple pot with lid will comprise the cook set. Add a spoon, a plastic cup, a stuff sack for the entire kit to fit into and you're all set.
I use aluminum foil folded over to create a windscreen. The cup and pot can be recyled containers. Titanium is available at gear stores. Its light, but expensive. If you loose your kit on trail, simply head to the nearest store, buy some food in appropriate containers and fabricate what you need.
Stoves without moving parts, with various options for fuel is a very good choice for long distance backpacking. You eliminate malfunctions and hitch hiking into big times to find the correct fuel.
Coleman fuel does not work in soda can stoves.

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