Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mayan Ruins Near Appalachian Trail

A friend posted this link on facebook. I followed it up.

Its a fairly long and decent article. The AT uses nearby towns as resupply and access points. Blairsville, Helen, and Sautee are commonly used by long distance hikers.

The ruins in question are pyramid shaped mounds. All along the AT various historical sites are passed, especially for the civil war. Many do not have markers. This is one reason to slow down, keep your eyes open and your nose open to the wonderful smells.

The trail has so much to offer, truly an experience of a lifetime, or many lifetimes.
Apparently this article is receiving much attention. I hope the little towns and surrounding area receives extra tourists, too. Things are slow in the winter in these mountains.

I think its ligit. The guy has done his research. Interesting read.

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