Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trail Gods

Today I found a cigarette lighter on the trail. I needed one. Thanks Trail Gods!

The other day I reached into my wood stove to light a swatch of paper and dropped my lighter. Once the fire got hot, it exploded. The stove wasn't damaged. I jumped several feet straight up.

So I needed another one...but here's the whole story.

This winter I've been writing an Apocalypse series called End of Days. I finished book three, complied it into a trilogy. Its available at either amazon.com or barnes and noble.com.

The ending has a twist, so I won't go into details, but the gods seemed to think I should get real, so this fourth book, a darker, gritty, spirit-guide thing was born. Carla gets seriously scathed and we see the wicked side.

I admit to trepidation in publishing it. I thought of holding back. While walking this morning the lighter appeared. How strange. Sort of a sign.
And I thought, don't tell anyone, just put it up there and hide.

But the trail gods and I have a long history together.  Maybe I'll blog more about that later.
For now, though, I think they're ok with this book.

This is for mature audiences and a warning, do not try the vision quest detailed in chapter seven. Remember this is fiction.
Dark Trails-an interlude with gods. Right now, only 99 cents.

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