Friday, January 25, 2013

Black "Tyvek" Teepee Instructions

I created this 'tyvek' wrap teepee in half an hour. Full instructions are on this youtube video. You can use these basic instructions for making a similar structure. I will test it for water proofness later this week.

By utilizing the snow pack, I created a shelter I can stand up in and lay down in.


  1. I love this Carol! Great use of discarded Tyvex. Reminds me of your sinylon teepee with no sewing. Looks cold. How far does the fire need to be away from the front of the teepee so you do not melt the tyvex but still stay warm?

    1. I haven't tested the material for flamability yet. I do think with the amount of snow here, a fire wouldn't start too easily. Just getting a shelter over your head, with snow for insulation and cutting the wind would be great, even without the fire though. That needs to be my next test.

  2. This is wonderful! I've never seen the black Tyvek like that. Ever since I read "My Journey to Freedom" I haven't been able to pass by trash w/o evaluating it for some kind of hiking gear.

  3. Thanks, Ellie,its amazing how much good stuff gets thrown away every day.