Monday, January 14, 2013

Surviving Flu Season at Lake

Its been interesting watching the flu -cold season hit us up here in Man Camp at Yellowstone Lake.

Everyone is drinking more orange juice, eating less, trying to get more sleep. I think sleep is the most important for recovery. It allows the body to repair and kick out those nasty germs.

Here in the kitchen we are sanitizing every handle and door knob after every meal. The salt and pepper shakers, the backs of chairs the microwave, the remote control, all of those things are wiped down with a bleach solution after every meal.

So far so good. I had a short bought with a cold, but quickly recovered. Now, I can get back to long ski adventures on my days off. I have a cool "fort" near the lake I'd like to overnight in. It is made of logs leaned against the bank.

We have a coyote on location, the fox has basically disappeared into his stealth routine. At first we thought the park service had relocated him. Not so, but he is more skittish since the coyote showed up. No food is going out to any of these critters.

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  1. I usually get two colds/flu a year. Working as a FF/EMT and having school age children gives my immune system a workout! Hope Timothy Fox stays wild and free!