Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo Essay of Snow at Lake Yellowstone

Back country skiing can be challenging, cutting through forest with blow downs. There's still streams running in a few places. A person doesn't want to fall in. Its been below zero, wind chills can be devastating in open country. 
The fences near Lake Lodge take on feet of snow, mounding up like white sculptures. Its amazing to see all this happening on a daily basis. The sun comes out, thaws the top layer, causing a mushroom effect.

There is a guy living on site in a nearby cabin who goes up to the roof and cuts huge blocks of snow, pushing them over the side. The Lodge is nearly buried, but the roof is still in tact.

The sunset is always amazing her at Lake. View from the overlook near the Historic Hotel.

Every once in awhile a few bison come through, trailing through deep snow, thrashing their heads back and forth looking for food. You can see two in this photo. I took their picture, then turned around and headed the other way. After witnessing a bison charge and route a full grown griz this summer, I gained more respect for this awesome creature.

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