Friday, February 22, 2013

Video-How to Remove Logos

This art project came to mind when our Man Camp started using up the laundry detergent in huge plastic buckets.

The bucket has a flip lid, a handle, is rectangular instead of round, and very strong. Its very easy to do and would make a great art project for kids. Once you remove the lettering and prime it with spray paint, turn kids loose with acrylic paints.

Voila! Custom storage bins, nearly free, and Saving the Planet, green as grass.


  1. Brawny, I love this idea and your artwork is awesome too! Will have to save some for the kids to work on. They both enjoy art so I bet they will be doing dragons and anime! I always need containers to put stuff. Right now I have one I use for triathlon races to hold my stuff and sit on to change shoes in transition. On the bike tour Ragbrai a few years ago, I saw someone using two of them as panniers on the rear of their bike for gear. I also saw a girl scout leader who used a round one and made a pad for the cover to sit on.

    Wonderful idea!

  2. I love it, Flo, its recycling at its best!

    We are going through alot of laundry soap here at man camp, so I figured I could get them primed for the grandkids and turn them loose with paints!

    they'd make great coolers or camp stools, too.