Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alaskan Hiker

Saw this cartoon posted on Facebook. Seemed appropriate as I head to my new home, here in Alaska. I did manage to bring my ultralight backpacking equipment, my backcountry skis, poles and boots, and a ton of good layers. I'll continue to test gear, but under different circumstances....Alaska is know for its wet, cold, long dark, weather. Its also known as the most beautiful place on earth. YMMV
I don't really know much about Alaska. Other than Into the Wild, the story of Chris McCandless fatal obsession with the wilderness here, and the Iditarod, the snowy race done on sleds with dogs, I'm a total newbie. I found this map online. It shows the road to my new location. 

My Geo is back in Idaho. I feel some separation anxiety, but its not insurmountable. A pick up truck with cap-camper on back is on my wish list.
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  1. It is so beautiful there. You are going to have a terrific Fall and Winter. Wishing you the best for your Alaska Adventures!

    1. Thanks Flo. Its raining now. I think the higher elevations are getting snow. Its going to be great skiing, I think!