Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Little Awesome Philosophy

The Bannock Awareness page was suggested on a Survivalist forum by a guy describing how to make this easy bread. I read the page, came to the  little six step plan called: To Build a Bridge

This excerpt from the page was exceptional if you think in terms of human encounters.

To Build a Bridge

The necessary assumptions in any bridge building project include:
  1. The existence of the other side - There is no point in building a bridge to nowhere. The other side exists and has a right to exist.
  2. Solidity of both sides - The base or basis of a bridge must be accepted at both ends.
  3. Existence of a gap (river, canyon, etc.) - If there is only one piece of ground, there is no need for a bridge.
  4. The gap is not too wide to bridge - No one tries to build a bridge across an ocean.
  5. The gap is not too deep to bridge - Although deep gaps may exist - and they are very real and not mere illusions - still a bridge can be built.
  6. The value of a bridge - They are mutually helpful and beneficial. Bridges are costly but worth it.
Check out that page for recipes on Native American and Aboriginal breads. I've used hard tack for day hikes. You can add spices and create interesting hard breads. The philosophy behind using native recipes and methods of gathering wild foods can be very stimulating for those of us who love nature.

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