Monday, July 22, 2013

New Gear and Remakes

This new stove was made from a candle container. The directions and testing results will be available soon on a youtube video.
My friend, Flo, had one of these little guys out on the Four Loop Pass in the Maroon Bells National Forest. It is very fuel efficient and fits my 3 oz. cook set perfectly. The initial test fire turned the lid bronze colored.

The holes were punched into the lid with a large nail and hammer. Its important to have a tray below the stove. In order to prime the stove and avoid lighting it without the lid on, one must squirt the stove on the outside with fuel, then light it. The actual demo is pretty interesting. The entire stove is on fire for a few seconds while the interior catches fire.
At first, I lit it without the lid on, but that meant putting the lid on a flaming fire. Not good.

The clouds up at 10,500 feet can be extraordinary at sunset. Storms roll through nearly every afternoon.

I remade my old down bag into a sleeping quilt. Check out my youtube channel, or
for the embedded video. It was quite a project that only took about an hour. I rate it as a success. Actual trail testing soon to follow with a report. I removed about 3 ounces and increased the density of the down in the process.

My new friend and I hiked up Medicine Bow Peak. The very top is covered in huge boulders and snow. The hike begins at Marie Lake and swings back around, covering 7 miles of gorgeous Wyoming Snowy Range Landscape. There is good camping at any of the many pristine lakes in this National Forest.


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