Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Two Free Promotion

Starting tomorrow until July 14, you can get book two of the River Survival Series, All Hell Won't Wait, free at Amazon.com
You don't have to own a kindle, either. There is a free download for those who want to get started with e-books. This modern method of increasing your library is fantastic. It doesn't take up book shelf space and you can change font size and back lighting to suit your tastes.

Book Two of the River Survival Series is full of action. The River Patrol takes on cannibals bent on revenge. Carla's darkness resurfaces, but Apache is not moved. Find out what has made him a killing machine.
Book One, An End of Days, is available for $1.99 if you missed the promotion on that. Amazon.com allows authors this avenue to promote their work. Please leave a review for me at amazon.com to tell me how you like it. Thanks. I appreciate it.

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