Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Low Tec Hiking

I just want to it possible to actually hike a long trail anymore without batteries?

I'm preparing to hike the New Mexico CDT so I joined the CDT-L (an online list for hikers who share information and ideas on this incredible trail reaching from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide).

Nearly every post lately is about waypoints and GPS . I understand the water concerns. Its real. I understand the safety of smart phones and being able to call for help. I plan on carrying binoculars to scope for water before hiking down to it.

But really, how did backpackers do it, say ten years ago, twenty years ago?
It seems the rule of thumb now days is battery operated devices.

I'd like to get off the grid and really experience the wilderness. I've asked myself, what is the purpose in this adventure? Exercise? Awareness? A little hardship?

Part of it is the actual journey which necessitates self exploration of will and determination. Life has a way of throwing curves. Maybe some non-battery grid living....basic backpacking...can inspire deeper thought.

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