Saturday, January 11, 2014

News and Views

Just enough snow cover to make things beautiful here in Montana, though the Interstate near Livingston was closed due to extremely high winds. I had the pedal to the medal, yet the Geo refused to push past 40 mph. No matter. On the way home I saw this gorgeous horse hanging out.

He seems to be pondering his New Year's resolutions, like hike, or to hike....I think I will definitely hike!

I needed some instant coffee. Ultralight tendencies still abound. This brand came in a clear plastic 8 ounce container, light and perfect for solar cooking in New Mexico's desert. Remove red labeling, wash, do not use boiling water. And, in case anyone out there is wondering, yes, I am aware of BPA poisoning.

Happy trails, January is the planning month...come April, reality will set in as I head south to Deming, N.Mexico and catch a ride to the border.

Stay tuned. I plan to have a smart phone and upload to this blog on a regular basis.

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